Education and training designed for your medical staff

Orientation / education / skill building designed specifically for a particular medical staff or medical group:

  • For Wellbeing Committee members about physician health/impairment, case identification, case management, referral, monitoring
  • For Medical Executive Committee members about physician impairment and recognition and reporting of issues, including instances of disruptive behavior and assessment of late career practitioners
  • For the full medical staff via grand rounds, hospital publications and other means, about recognizing physician impairment, wellness, seeking help, and what services are available
  • For all hospital staff and employees

CPPPH consultants come to your hospital or facility

You may benefit from information more closely tailored to your situation. CPPPH offers assistance with specific questions or cases, as well as assistance with the development and implementation of policy and procedures specific to your organization. You can arrange a one-time free conversation between CPPPH and the leadership in your facility to explore the options for consultation services. Fees are determined by the services you request after the meeting. Learn more about consultations.