2018 Regional Workshops

What You Will Need to Know about the Medical Board of California’s New Physician Health and Wellness Program: How It Will Work; When It May Be Available To You; What Your Role Will Be

Saturday, March 3, 2018 9:00 am to 12:00 noon

San Diego County Medical Society 5575 Ruffin Rd., Suite 250 San Diego, CA 92123

This is a special session, offered with no registration fee, for medical staffs and medical groups to give them early information about this important new resource.

CPPPH, together with California Society of Addiction Medicine and California Medical Association, is following the development of the regulations necessary for the operation of the new program. All Wellbeing Committees and all medical staff leaders should get this information so they can consider how they may use this new resource when it becomes available.

Past Regional Workshops

From 2011 through 2017, CPPPH offered educational workshops through the State of California.

Below are links to the three regions where you can see what topics were covered.

What people said about CPPPH Regional Workshops

  • From the Bay Area Excellent and perceptive questions and responses. Session brought up several very significant issues. Appreciate specific recommendations and suggestions. Very helpful handouts; will compare to the forms we use.
  • From Sierra Sacramento Valley Thank you for putting together top-level panelists. Great concept.  Keep it going.  All chairs of hospital WBC should attend. Great workshop.  So glad the organization CPPPH exists. Awesome meeting.  I am extremely excited about CPPPH and what it has to offer many.
  • From Los Angeles Excellent presentations from expert. I like the idea of being part of the network and that I will get more information on resources for the future.
  • From San Diego Helpful stimulating discussion. Absolutely worth my time! Group interaction was the best part. Excellent offering; much needed, especially in a local setting. Thankful for this organization.

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