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Donate ButtonContributions to CPPPH come from many quarters within the medical community — both organizations and individuals.

You may¬†send a donation (made payable to CPPPH) with this CPPPH contribution form to: California Public Protection and Physician Health, Inc. Attn: ¬†Ashley Burke 575 Market Street #2125 San Francisco, CA 94105 CPPPH, Inc. is a non-profit organization and donations are 100% deductible as charitable contributions. EIN: # 27-3452546 WOEMA as an organization is committed to physician wellness, and to the ancient command of “Physician heal thyself.” Thank you for your consideration of this vital issue. — Walt Newman, MD, President-elect of WOEMA.

Individuals who make personal contributions are acknowledged by name in CPPPH materials if they wish to be. To make a donation, use our donation form (PDF). Please send your checks to: CPPPH 575 Market Street, Ste. 2125 San Francisco, CA 94105

Please visit our Supporters page to view the list of generous donors.

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