CPPPH Guidelines

  • Guidelines for Evaluations of Health Care Professionals [PDF]
    (CPPPH October 2013)
    This CPPPH guideline describes all the elements involved in getting a clinical evaluation, including the qualifications of those who conduct evaluations, the preparation to be completed in advance, and the recommended contents of the report.  This document focuses on evaluations that are used to determine diagnoses, assess severity, identify appropriate clinical interventions, assess patient safety, and/or determine what steps should be taken to protect public safety, and the physician’s personal health and career.
  • Guideline for Selecting Physician Health Services [PDF]
    (CPPPH May 2010) (intervention, treatment, monitoring, etc.)
    These CPPPH guidelines are addressed to hospital medical staffs and medical groups and all who have professional responsibilities for physician health and patient safety.  They are designed to help you make informed choices among possible providers of different kinds of services.

– What Well-Being Committees Should Consider in Selecting Providers of Services

– Criteria to Look For 

  • Physician Well-Being Committees: Guidelines (CMA ON-CALL Document #5177)
    (CMA January 2015)
    These guidelines are intended to aid hospitals, medical groups, medical societies, specialty societies and any other physician entities to create and operate a committee which assists physicians with matters related to prevention of impairment and maintenance of health. There will be particular attention paid to substance abuse or addiction, mental illness, or behavior.  The appendices include CMA Model Medical Staff Bylaws, a guideline on monitoring, as well as a section on making a well-being committee effective. For a complimentary copy go here.  Before you can download the free copy, you will be asked to register for a free account with CMA. If you have any problems with the registration process, please contact Ashley Burke at aburke@cppph.org.

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